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High carbon steel wire
Standard ISO 10270 | DIN 17223

مفتول فولادی پرکربن

استاندارد      ISO 10270    |     DIN 17223

wire tension
Wire tensioning with the world’s latest technology

کشش مفتول

کشش مفتول با تکنولوژی روز دنیا

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Quality Assurance in Production

Garmsar Spring Group proudly produces various steel wire and welding wire products in accordance with global standards, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance, which rewards trust in our group.

Production According to Global Standards

Our company proudly adheres to the production of its products in accordance with global standards. Our commitment to providing quality and safety products based on international standards ensures customer confidence in optimal performance and trust in our products.

Wide Range of Products

By expanding the range of products, our company provides valued customers with the opportunity to choose from a variety of products. From raw materials to final products, diversity and quality at every stage of production enable us to meet the diverse needs of industries.

Expert Staff

One of our successes lies in the specialized and dedicated team of staff. Our experienced and highly knowledgeable employees in production and technology work alongside our valued customers to provide the best solutions and deliver quality services.

Innovation and Research & Development

Our company is committed to continuous innovation and progress through research and development. By employing state-of-the-art technologies and an experienced research team, we ensure that our products are always aligned with the latest technologies and meet the variable needs of the market.

About Us

Garmsar Spring Group, established in 1392 with the lofty goal of creating employment, production, and service in the Islamic community, has managed to play a small role in driving the wheels of production in the most challenging times of the country’s economy through the trust of diligent efforts and reliance on divine providence. The high-carbon steel wire of this company, under the trade name “Garmsar Spring,” has managed to obtain the highest quality standards in the spring wire industry and symbolizes quality and customer satisfaction in the domestic market. The welding wire produced by this group is also marketed under the brand names “Kavir” and “Garmsar Spring” (GS) and is offered in both domestic and international markets under the strictest quality controls.

Quality Assurance in Wire Production

Garmsar Spring Group proudly produces various steel wire and welding wire products in accordance with global standards, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance, which rewards trust in our group.

1.2 mm desert co2 welding wire

This welding wire is used in a variety of industries, including automotive, construction, and tank production, due to its high resistance to rust and decay. The unique characteristics of this wire make it a suitable option for welding in different conditions.

High carbon steel wire (Spring wire)

All GS spring wires are manufactured to the highest quality to achieve consistent spring forming capabi­lities. The precision cold drawing production of the wire ensures a high tensile strength with excellent cast and helix charac­te­ristics, and high elasticity and fatigue resistance.

Low carbon steel wire

Iron wire or so-called low-carbon or so-called black iron wire is produced by stretching iron bars with a carbon content of 0.03 to 0.3%. Iron wire is drawn in several stages in wire drawing machines without the need for initial coating and is brought to the desired size. Iron wire or iron wire is widely used in the world around us. From packing wires to making all kinds of nets, fences, barbed wire, kitchen appliances, etc., iron wire is used in abundance. Sometimes, in order to reduce the hardness of the iron wire and increase its ductility while keeping its resistance high, the wire is annealed or baked in the so-called market. Annealed wire is mainly used for packaging purposes and applications where the plasticity of the wire is important. In addition to black, iron wire is also used with galvanized coating.  

Straightened and Cut to Length Steel Wire

Cut to length wire is made of high or low carbon wire, according to customer requirements straighten and cutted. Products with easy to transport, easy to use features. Widely used in the construction industry, handicrafts, daily civilian and other fields.
Inspection of welding wires with CO2 shielding gas
سیم جوش کویر

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Export destinations

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If you need advice and guidance on how to buy industrial wire and welding wire, you can contact Garmsar Spring consultants as soon as possible by filling out the form below.

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